The Center For Embodied Spirituality

The Soul Loves The Body

Listings for Aerial trapeze, hammock, hoop and silks classes. Also sign ups are available for private sessions in aerial dance, somatic training, MELT hand and foot sessions and embodied spiritual direction.

Embodied Spiritual Direction

Embodied Spiritual Direction is for those individuals who are in the midst of transitions and may be feeling overwhelmed or disempowered. This one hour session combines the transformative technique of Life/Art Process as taught by dance pioneer Anna Halprin and the Art of Spiritual Direction.  The experience and wisdom of the body is honored and the approach is based in the belief that the body, the mind and the spirit are interconnected and hold great wisdom if we slow down, listen and express creatively

Katharine Harts is a graduate of Tamalpa Institute and Life/Art process.  She has 15 years of experience teaching Life/Art process and body based spiritual direction.  

Each 60 minutes session is sliding scale $80-150.