The Center For Embodied Spirituality

The Soul Loves The Body

Listings for Aerial trapeze, hammock, hoop and silks classes. Also sign ups are available for private sessions in aerial dance, somatic training, MELT hand and foot sessions and embodied spiritual direction.

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This week at Dance Medicine, Soul Motion teacher JimmyLee (a.k.a. Jim Matto Shepard) brings us his passion for bringing the mind, body, and spirit together in conscious dance. Join us! Stay after the dance for tea and conversation.

Fairfax Community Church


I want to do with you what Spring does to the Cherry Tree.
— Rumi

A conscious Dance Practice every Thursday 7-9PM Fairfax Community Church

Welcome to Dance Medicine!  We are thrilled to welcome you into our beautiful Dance Medicine Tribe.  We envision 2019 to be a year of enlightened growth as we develop our somatic wisdom by facilitating the emergence of our personal power.  In our weekly practice, our focus will be an inner exploration, discovery and release of anything that keeps us from living a life we love with more freedom, peace and harmony.  Together we will support and celebrate one another as we progress along our individual and mutual journeys, for the benefit of all beings.